Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reminisce #2: Did Juneau that Alexander the Great was an Epileptic?

Back in '04 Arthur, my boss, sent me to Juneau for a couple of days to oversee a conference that we were hired to coordinate. The thing is... is that he sent me down there alone (gasp!). I was so nervous about the task. All I had ever known was the "behind the scenes" work. I was really good at this part but put me on the front line as the go-to person? Yikes! Little did I know that Arthur would send me down there a few more times on my own. All in all everything always worked out just fine. Phew.

I am so thankful for these trips because on my free time I was able to see this beautiful part of southeast Alaska.

Juneau can only be accessed by boat or plane and Alaska has been long criticized for having it's capitol in such a remote place. I personally think it's kind of cool.

Lastly, I saw this poster in the Juneau terminal while catching a plane back to Anchorage. I guess you could say that I was quite surprised... but what a sight for sore eyes.

Have a happy and holy Triduum!

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