Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Diapers, Beer, and Cigarettes

Understandably, my reading material has drastically changed these days from just a short three years ago. Before you would find on my nightstand (if I even had one) an alarm clock, a People magazine, and most likely a bag of Skittles/Nerds/Smarties. Now you will find an alarm clock, a bottle of Tums, and books entitled: What to Expect When You're Expecting, Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, and The Strong Willed Child. And the most recent to join the group Toilet Training in Less Than a Day.

I feel like I have become the person I rolled my eyes at when I was single. I remember thinking how ridiculous my friends sounded when all they talked about were babies, kids, pregnancy, delivery, nursing, potty training, pre-school, cloth diapers, etc. BORING! I'd jump at the chance to get away from this conversation to have a drink and a smoke instead.

But, alas, I understand now... these topics have become important to me too. And I still like beer and cigarettes.

But back to topic...

Constantine has absolutely no interest in the toilet... and nor do I for him. And with another one coming in less than 5 months I actually wouldn't mind having four in diapers. Call me crazy but I guess I figure changing diapers would be less stressful than teaching and monitoring a toddler's toilet use. Yep, Mother of the Year over here.
However, factor in all the obvious benefits of being potty trained I do realize that I need to get with the program.
I am just as stubborn as Constantine.... so, please wish us luck!