Monday, June 6, 2011

Reminisce #3: Arctic Circle and Back

One spectacular sunny Thursday afternoon as I was sitting in the office in downtown Anchorage I decided that I wanted to take a road trip. Where shall I go? Hmmm, how about the Arctic Circle? After hours of researching the routes, etc. I departed on Friday afternoon. A couple of friends accompanied me until Fairbanks and then I continued North solo.

I was a bit intimidated by the James Dalton Highway which I would be traveling on. It begins just north of Fairbanks and ends at Deadhorse near Prudhoe Bay/Arctic Ocean at mile marker 414. It is a wash board dirt road which is infamous for destroying tires. Not only that but the Dalton highway is one the of the most isolated roads in the United States.
Gas was only available at the Yukon River crossing before the Circle. I must have paid nearly $5 per gallon there. I guess not so shocking today.

It took me 24 hours round trip. Since it was summer the sun shown around the clock so it never felt too early or too late. I had some fantstic music mixes and I sang my heart out while imbibing Red Bull and snacking on black licorice bits (weird, I don't even like black licorice).

Thanks to my guardian Angel I made it to the Circle safe and sound.

Once again my guardian Angel helped me return safely to Fairbanks to meet up with my friends again. I was one of the happiest and sleepiest person that night. I will never forget you, James Dalton Highway. I wonder if Pudge would be up for returning one day to drive you all the way North to dip our toes in the Arctic. Sigh...
View looking North to the Arctic Ocean