Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And We're Off...

Tomorrow we head to Woodstock for my husband's sister's wedding this weekend.

I am beyond excited! I just love weddings and anything that has to do with them. Mary asked me to be a bridesmaid and, as much as I am excited to be, my initial thought was GASP! how ever am I going to stuff this stocky, chubby, post-baby body into the lovely dress that she picks out? It's cool, though. I am over it.

I usually start packing a week before and am always thankful that I do. A few trips ago I put together a packing list for the kids that I print out before each trip and through out the week I slowly check off the list. That way I am not frazzled the day before or day of departure. I do NOT work well under pressure.

You can see that Constantine wrote me a little note on my list. I think it says, "I am King and Leader of all."

The kids and I will be in Illinois for nearly three weeks. John will be flying home right after the wedding and then flying back ten days later for his friend's ordination. I have never been away from him for 10 days. Yikes! As much as we will miss him I know I will enjoy spending time with his parents and I know they will enjoy having the boys with them for all that time!

Cheers! I hope you all have a wonderful May!!!

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