Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hmm, wow, I haven't been around these parts in many moons. I don't even have the foggiest idea of what I have been up to or where I have been in the past months.
Have no fear though, I do remember that I have three boys who, I might add, are growing in leaps and bounds.

Joseph, our Gentle Giant. The boy is four months and is chubby as all get out. I am kind of embarrassed about it.
Heh-heh, mom, you should see what Simeon is doing...

He is sweet and very quiet and is my personal buddy. Recently, he even accompanied me to Alaska and hardly made a peep the entire trip (ok, so I remember one thing I did last month).
Our Simeon. He is like a wild horse. A beautiful wild horse. The kid is... everywhere. I can hardly tame him. His toes are made of rubber and can climb anything vertical. He has an incredible drop kick and throws a mean spiral already (ok, I exaggerate a little... but just a little).
Me thinks he will be the social one of the bunch and a classic class clown. He entertains us all every night with his tiny voice and his crazy non-stop being-ness.
Oh Constantine. He is still as crabby as ever and very particular. Try cutting his hair. He complains about every single strand of hair that lands on him. He doesn't like pictures and I rarely get him to smile. But when I do I get this...
He can be super sweet and I love him dearly.
I love to joke that I am surrounded by nuts! And yes, I mean this on the anatomical level.


Jenny said...

Your kids are so cute :)

jack, lucy, finn and dot said...

such cute pictures! the one of jo-klo pointing over at simeon - so awesome.