Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy cow...

Just in this last week...
  • I cried as I saw John in his groomsman suit.
  • I cried during the mother of the bride speech.
  • I cried while biting into my homemade hamburger at the table with John and Constantine.
  • I cried while brushing my teeth.
  • I cried mid sentance while eating out with my parents, Clara, and Rose. This one was the cry that Oprah calls the "ugly cry" when your face contorts and your shoulders shake up and down. I had to hide behind a napkin.

    Please, please hormones, no more! I have a reputation to uphold here!

1 comment:

Mary Weisse said...

So, I kind of want to see you just break down and cry sometime. I gotta say I think it would be pretty funny.