Monday, August 22, 2011

Traveling with Tini the Termite

**How to calm a fussy baby

In short, anything that I expected to happen actually did not happen when it came to traveling with Constantine. Here, let me expound...

Flight from and to Phoenix (3 hours)-
Expectation: Chaos, tears (from both of us), and swearing (me, not him)
Reality: Sleeping in my arms the majority of both ways, peace, tranquility, silent prayers of Thanksgiving to the Almighty

Drive from Nashville to Gatlinburg (4 hours)-
Expectation: Calmness. gleeful play, occasional snooze
Reality: Frustration, loss of control, crying evolving into screaming, no snooze, mom plugging her own ears with fingers, and near outburst of verbal rage by mother

Scenic drives in Gatlinburg (2- 1 hour trips)-
See "Drive from Nashville to Gatlinburg"

Drive from Gatlinburg to Chicago (11 hours)-
See "Drive from Nashville to Gatlinburg"

Drive from Klocek home to Men's Wearhouse (20 minutes)-
Expectation: Fussiness
Reality: Immediate sleep (ARE YOU KIDDING ME????)

All in all, we had a wonderful trip visitng family. And like all other trips, I was not ready to come home. However, back to reality and back to the small things that make life sweet.


Jenny M said...

Darn kids :)

Anonymous said...

constantine may have been calm, but i started crying and was fussy when tim played.....he sucks.